41 stories inclusive of Apart'hotel and office space, total gross floor area about 82,000 sqm, featuring a circular drop-off area at the entrance of building, gracious pedestrian space, beautifully built landscape and many more...

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Flatiron by Meridian showcases the creativity of the new generation, retaining the essence of Flatiron in New York City, yet, modernizing with massive contemporary glass structure and state-of-the-art interior facilities.

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Managed by one of the leading international lodging owner-operators, 13 stories of service unit offer a vibrant lifestyle apart'hotel, conceptualize by local culture and world-class housekeeping standard. A wild range of apartment configuration welcome a fully customized living experience, and, in many different excellent interior designs for selection.

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Visit us now in our showroom. We would be delighted to present to you the exclusive new property development project, FLATIRON BY MERIDIAN.

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Located at a prestigious spot in Phnom Penh City Center, Flatiron by Meridian is truly at the heart of the vibrant city in Cambodia, where international talents meet with local experts.

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The entire commercial concept of office taking into consideration freedom from every kind of barrier, whether between people of users, between languages or cultures, by customizing a perfect place to enjoy convenient access to world-class working and meeting facilities, exceptional venues for seminars and corporate events

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Flatiron by Meridian creates extraordinary retail environments for shoppers, retailers, communities and investor. It perfectly encapsulates the ground floor with variety of shopping, eateries, entertainment for social gatherings and the joy of shopping.

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