7 Fantastic Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Looking for a fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your family this year? We’ve got some ideas that will make this special day one to remember.


1. Give To Others

Mother’s day is about honoring all mothers. It helps a mother in need by donating to organizations that help mothers and children. This year, schedule a time with your mother to volunteer at one of her favorite charities. Let her know how much you appreciate her efforts with you and admire her giving spirit.


2. A Day Together

Set aside all other plans and treat your mother as a queen for the day. Turn the day into a one-day adventure to a few special place. Grab the whole family along. Spending time together (preferably outdoors) is what really counts, for instance picnics, bike ride, take a hike or do meaningful activities together.


3. Spa Retreat

Put a smile on your mum’s face by treating her to a ladies-only spa retreat. To take it up a notch, get the help of your family members to host a spa day at home. Light up some candles to set the ambience and allow her to wind down. Ensure that your mum gets the invigorating treatment that she deserves.


4. Generations Unite

Gather all grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunties and other “mum’s” family members together for a joint celebration. If the weather is nice, barbeque is the perfect venue.


5. Approve Mom A Day Off

This could be the best gift of all. Encourage everyone to pitch in and let your mum sit back and relax. She deserves it! 


6. Planting a Tree

Pick your mom’s favorite tree from your local garden center. Together with your mom, plant the tree in a visible place in your yard. Visit the tree each mother’s day to remember the love and appreciation you have for your mother.


7. Memory Jar

Paint and decorate a mason jar. Write favorite memories of your mom on slips of paper. Encourage the other members of your family to write their memories down as well. Fill the mason jar with the paper slips. On Mother’s Day, sit with your mom while she reads all of the memories you all have written down.

Source: https://www.familiesforlife.sg/celebrate-an-occasion/Pages/7-Ideas-for-a-Memorable-Mothers-Day-Celebration.aspx

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