Feeding City Folks Via Food Apps

Online food-delivery platforms are expanding choice and convenience, allowing customers to order from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap of their mobile phone.

Since 2012, the food delivery app has developed rapidly with homegrown brands such as YourPhnomPenh.com, Meal Temple, Nham24 and others cater the service in Phnom Penh. Till now, there are six food delivery apps available, offering food selection from over 800 restaurants.

Both restaurant operators and food delivery app founders recognize increasing demand among Cambodians on food delivery service to their doorstep. This had shown such business no longer dominated by fast food outlets. It is common to see food dispatching in Phnom Penh city via motorcycle. The appetite for online food orders is prevalent despite the presence of street food stalls that are open until late night.

Observers say widespread technology usage among Cambodians is the main driver behind the lifestyle of convenience. There is a high demand on this business during traffic congestion, bad weather and busy lifestyles.

According to the source, majority of users are office workers and students. Their average spending power is between USD15 to USD 20 per order.

source: https://capitalcambodia.com/feeding-city-folks-via-food-apps/

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