August Newsletter 2020

August Newsletter 2020



Mondulkiri provincial governor Svay Sam Eang announced provincial authorities are marking the boundaries of 600ha land in O’Raing district’s Sen Monorom commune for the new airport project.

The old Mondulkiri’s airport will be transforming into a public garden due to the size is too small and the surrounding area is occupied by too many residents.

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First five months of year 2020, Cambodia’s exports perform positive trends despite the threat of Covid-19 pandemic.

The update was released by Vongsey Vissoth, Permanent Secretary of State at Ministry of Economy and Finance Phnom PenhHe underlined that Cambodia’s garment sector dropped due to the suspension from EU and U.S., but other exports for instance, agricultural products, bicycles, and electronic devices increased.

The Royal Government of Cambodia is working hard to restore the national economy and respond to the fallouts due to Covid-19 pandemic, with national budget of more than US$1 billion, he continued.

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Youth of Peace volunteers modelling at a fashion show outside Pencil's riverside supermarket in Phnom Penh by wearing discarded materials. The show was aimed at raising awareness of recycling and the environment,

organized by Youth of Peace (YOPEC) in partnership with Khmer Youth and Social Development Organization (KYSD) and East West Management Institute.

To safeguard the future of the environment, several people banded together to create the “Sramol Fashion & Creative”, which seeks to use recyclable waste to its limit, effectively reducing waste disposal. The team will always be with their followers to help them lead a zero-waste lifestyle. The green initiative was created in 2019 with a mere group of six, utilize fashion design as a tool to recreate recyclable waste.

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Chinese Commerce Minister Zhong Shan and his Cambodian counterpart Pan Sorasak had announced the completion of China-Cambodia Free Trade Agreement talks. The FTA comes half a year after both party launched the negotiations.

The signing marks fastest FTA talks ever, reflecting the sound economic and trade cooperation base between both countries as well as their strong willingness to promote bilateral trade and investment.

Both side needs to fulfill their own domestic procedures, striving to sign the agreement within year 2020, according to a joint statement released by the two countries on the same day.


Cambodia is following market trends in China, Europe and USA by introducing its first online e-motorbike app in the market which launched by Go2, a Singaporean founder – Carl Wong.

Users will be able to pay per minute to get from destination to destination. Once the user successfully download & register Go2 app, they may top up their usage in minutes via bank card, ABA pay or Wing.

These eco-friendly motorcycles are run through battery power packs. It can be swapped within minutes, unlike other electric charged vehicles that need to be plugged in and charged for several hours.


Plans have been set for Phnom Penh’s Central Train Station to be tastefully restored into an iconic retail plaza.

Sitting adjacent to the capital’s central business district, the train station was originally built by the French in 1932. It has remained one of the most iconic examples of French colonial architecture in Phnom Penh.

The Train Square Retail Plaza features 3,000 square meters net of retail space, cafes, bars, restaurants, health & beauty options, travel and tourism as well as cater space for exhibition and event around the grand atrium of the iconic art deco train station.